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ANTISPACE is the installation project of artist Marie-Louise Miller; a 3D animated drawing made of recycled newspaper. Marie-Louise uses the “paper stixx” to convey marks on paper working with the remnants of print colour and type, now disjointed as if pixelated. Always excited at the opportunity to work in collaboration with artists and performers; finding synergy of practice with those for whom the making is fundamental to their creative process. ANTISPACE was conceived as a collaborative monumental drawing animated by music and movement.

ANTISPACE violates the norms and conventions of spaces.

ANTISPACE for Front Row at the DLWP November 2015.

ANTISPACE was first created as an ‘action installation’ designed for the public spaces at the iconic De La Warr Pavilion and set the tone for Front Row 2015 Out Of This World. The semi improvised performance included live performances by Non Blank and Amma Dance Theatre and showcased stunning bespoke, one- of apparel by Tara Deighton for WEAR ART, inspired by lo-fi/hi-fi visions of the future, virtual reality and the invisible web of information explored in 1980’s cyberpunk science fiction, especially the novels of William Gibson.

The site-specific installation was constructed around the north staircase of the DLWP using “paper stixx” made entirely from recycled newspaper providing a fitting setting for a show of compassion fashion. A the crowd gathered in the public areas of the pavilion before the show a troupe of Intergalactic Hostesses greeted guests and guided them through ANTISPACE. Dressed in pieces from the URBAN DRIFTING bespoke collection of unique silk scarves by WEAR ART accessorising dresses created by students at Sussex Coast College Hastings where Marie-Louise is a visiting lecturer on FDA Fashion. Amelia Forrest & Marion Geisler of Amma Dance Theatre appear otherworldly as they descend the staircase from their hidden position on the upper floor. Adorned in one-off commissioned jump suits designed and created by Tara Deighton. These stunning bespoke pieces are expertly conceived from a single monumental digital drawing on 100% silk crepe de chine by WEAR ART which formed part of DIGITAL MAYHEM 0I a digitally designed mural 1.3m high and 12m wide exploring and exploiting pixelation and the colour content of each digital unit. Non Blank housed in their mother ship installation on the second floor echoe Marie-Louise’s visions in sound. Their semi-improvised vocals, organic analogue and digital instruments complement the concept of ANTISPACE and form the back bone of this semi improvised action.

Marie-Louise Miller is an artist and designer based in St Leonards on Sea.