A unique collection of printed designs
developed from original works of art

Marie –Louise has built a career on the speed, accuracy and communication inherent in her hand drawn designs. Over the years other members of the design teams in which she worked translated her drawings through advanced software and technical trickery, leaving her slightly technophobic but curious. Now Marie-Louise has fully embraced the digital dimension within her drawings and with the assistance of a team of highly skilled and experienced fine art and textile printers and technicians she has harnessing the digital media as a means to create many varied and complex ‘endings’ to her paintings, a process which is made possible by the digital eye and registry and which by hand would mean a lifetimes work. Her Wear Art collections are a natural progression of her fine art practice, directed and developed alongside and from the paintings. Marie -Louise is not interested in digital reproduction but a digital extension of her original artwork in ready to wear form.

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